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Tat2 Maximianus Coin & Crystal Earrings E207Tat2 Maximianus Coin & Crystal Earrings E207
Tat2 Vintage Silver Pavia Pave and Frame Dangle Earring E067
Tat2 Pavia Gold Coin and Pearl Earing E250
Tat2 Heiho Link Gold E137
Tat2 Heiho Link Gold E137 Sale price£235.00
Tat2 Apollonia Earrings E171Tat2 Apollonia Earrings E171
Tat2 Apollonia Earrings E171 Sale price£120.00
Tat2 Huggies with Dupre Coins E268Tat2 Huggies with Dupre Coins E268
Tat2 Crystal Huggies with Pave E277Tat2 Crystal Huggies with Pave E277
Tat2 Trinity Earrings E295Tat2 Trinity Earrings E295
Tat2 Trinity Earrings E295 Sale price£255.00
Tat2 Teardrop Earrings  E292Tat2 Teardrop Earrings  E292
Tat2 Teardrop Earrings E292 Sale price£235.00
Tat2 Moneta Coin Earrings E299Tat2 Moneta Coin Earrings E299
Tat2 Crystal Huggies with Labradorite E279Tat2 Crystal Huggies with Labradorite E279